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Personal Training & Limited open Gym Appointments
667 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Four Fitness is a MicroGym that provides 1 on 1 personal training along with limited open gym appointments in Jersey City, NJ. Our mission is to target your four major muscle groups: legs, core, back and chest, to most effectively build your cardiovascular and muscular endurance simultaneously.

No Crowds

We are an appointment only facility in an effort to control the occupant capacity.

Clean & Spacious

Designed to maintain social distancing, cleaned daily & all training areas disinfected after each session.

Functional Training

Our training method utilizes your four major muscle groups, maximizing your results and efficiency.


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Personal Training

Our 1-on-1 personal training is for the individual who is looking for a more customized workout. Your trainer will create a 4 Fitness 4 Life program based on your needs. This personalized program will enhance your mobility, flexibility, and cardiovascular & muscular endurance which will increase your overall health and confidence.
1 Session

$100/Session | 1 hour

8 Sessions

$80/Session | 1 hour

12 Sessions

$80/Session | 1 hour

24 Sessions

$80/Session | 1 hour

Open Gym

Schedule 1.5 hours at Four Fitness gym. Come work out on your own and continue to be 4Fit4Life.
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Single Day Pass

$30/Session | 1.5 hours

Monthly Pass

$125/month | 1.5 Hours

Try a Free Personal Training Session

Try a complimentary 1 hour personal training session to learn more about the Four Fitness experience.

*Offer valid only for new clients




As a type 1 diabetic for 20 years, Alejandro always wants to show that no matter the circumstances or conditions, people can reach the best physique of their lives with his knowledge in nutrition and exercises. He always loves helping people achieve their fitness goals.



Weight training has been Monica’s passion since the age of 15. She has always been athletic and played sports throughout high school and college. When she moved from Venezuela, she remained active by becoming a personal trainer. Her goal is to teach others how to be active and stay fit! She tries to live by example and make an impact on her clients’ lives every single day.



Jose loves helping his clients achieve their personal training goals. He strongly believes that together we can create a healthy lifestyle and the body we want.



Rachel is a NASM certified personal trainer who has a “mind over matter” mentality that she translates into her workouts. Her goal is to push you, hold you accountable, but still be a supportive, attentive, and caring coach.



As someone who went from underweight to healthy, I want to show clients that lifting and a healthy lifestyle are essential to living a full, happy life no matter their body goals. My goal with each client is to push them to be their best selves, support them through the process, and to hold them accountable as they reach those goals!


"I been coming here for about 4 months now and I have been absolutely loving it. I needed this type of accountability in my life. I feel so much stronger compared to when I first started it's crazy. Alejandro is my trainer and he kicks my ass every time. I told him my fitness goals and he definitely is making me achieve them. I highly recommend this gym and the environment is like no other."
Crystal D
"I love Four Fitness! They've changed the way I think about fitness. I train with Marcisco 4X per week. I've improved my form and have fallen in love with lifting weights. I used to be a cardio bunny and never saw any kind of lift or tone in my body. I can slowly see my shape changing and best of all, I'm getting stronger. It's a sense of community here, all the trainers are friendly and super sweet. I come here after an intense day at work and just relieve the stress! I will work out at Four Fitness for as long as I can :- )"
Preet M
I came in for a complementary 1st session and was paired up with Monica. That 1st day I knew! This was it! This was my chance to start something that I had always feared.. strength and functional training. Monica spoke to me for a bit and got to know what I needed and what I was looking for. She then had me do a couple sets of different exercises and I felt amazing after. I did some exercises I didn't think I could ever do.
Arti G


Most frequent questions and answers

Use the standard number of 220, subtract your age and calculate 60-65% to 80-85% of this number (the range is based on your activity level and age).

Cardio – outside or inside using cardio equipment. 30-60 minutes per day. Walking, rowing or running with intensity elevates your heart rate within your target heart rate.

Yes, after two to three months of consistent training sessions (2-3 times per week) you will be able to learn a few routines to train by yourself. After that point, if you have any questions you can always call our trainers and ask for advice. You are not locked into training with us indefinitely. However we are here to help you maintain your fitness lifestyle and support your fitness goals.

At Four Fitness we suggest your plate should be divided into three sections. Your protein should be the largest portion, second largest should be your vegetables. The smallest portion should be carbs.

You should always have a fruit and some form of dairy product on a daily basis. Consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new dietary program.

Stretching can be done before or after your workouts. Active stretching should be utilized in the beginning of any activity. For example, perform the movement of your exercise at a 70 degree angle to warm up the muscles before engaging in the full motion.

Static stretching should be applied after any activity. For example, static stretching is holding a stretch of your choice from 15-20 seconds on average.

The time that you feel most energetic and that works for your schedule.

Eat at least two hours before bed, and your food choices should be high-protein based.

Yes. A light meal such as fruit or breakfast should be consumed before working out. Your workout activity should dictate the amount you eat.

Yes. Through our secure application called MindBody, you can make a payment and manage your account.

Yes. Payments are based on your frequency of training sessions per month. 

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